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Frank Scali  Opening day, 1993​

Frank and Judy are very proud of their dedicated staff and invite you to lunch or dinner. The casual atmosphere is topped off by elegant white tablecloths where you can relax, but at the same time, enjoy a delicious meal. Even the basic house bread is the perfect Italian loaf. 

Judy Scali grew up in east Columbus but her parents were from Alvito, Italy. Judy and Frank met in a local Italian restaurant where he was working.

A Scali family specialty is their Brascioli, layers of sirloin beef stuffed with mozzarella, Romano cheese, salami and capicola ham baked in tomato sauce. This and many other complete Italian meals are representative of the Reggio Calabria Province where the Scali's originated. 

When dining at Scalis be sure and ask Frank about his wines. Frank loves to talk about their wine list and his next expansion plan is to open a "backdoor," wine shop, directly from the restaurant. Scalis enjoys a growing banquet business and soon will be offering catering service, based on their wonderful Italian fare.

Your Hosts, Judy and Frank Scali.​​

From Southern Italy to Eastern Reynoldsburg​

His Father Antonio wanted a more prosperous life so the Scali family, like thousands before them, headed to the United States in search of opportunity. They came to Columbus, Ohio, following other relatives, who had come before them. Antonio painted houses while his young son Frank dreamed of someday owning a restaurant.

Columbus is a long way from Anoia Superiore in the south of Italy, but Frank knew from the beginning, food service was his calling. He began as a dishwasher in a north side restaurant, learning the restaurant business from the ground up. After working at several other Italian restaurants and still at a very young age, he found an area of town he felt needed family style Italian cuisine. In 1993 he opened his then seventy seat Scali Ristorante in a strip center in suburban Reynoldsburg, Ohio. This location, nestled in the trees, at the intersection of Livingston Avenue and Route 256, has expanded twice and now seats one hundred and twenty. There are only two reasons for this expansion, hard work and....the food.

Authentic Italian dishes, prepared by Mama Scali and the rest of the family, Father Antonio, Frank and wife Judy, bring the faithful back time and time again.​